Season 3 Ep.5 Experience

The Buzzword · Season 3 Ep.5 Experience

On the podcast this week via online we meet theatre director and producer of Practical Magic Theatre Company Alan Bayley to talk about German uniforms, blow up dolls, self indulgence and large set pieces. Another normal day in the theatre! While still in lockdown and denied access to a stage the buzzword looks to Alan who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a theatre podcast that is short on both.


Season 3 Ep.4 Rants

The Buzzword · Season 3 Ep.4 Rants

It is a time of ranting. At the world at the DC universe at Tom Hiddleston. The gauntlet is thrown down as the team look at everything that came before them in the last ten years. Stripping away at the heart of matters and acting like an old couple the buzzword team look for deep significant meaning in odd places. Reminiscing about time past, who they can’t stand and what they’re not looking forward to! Even Batman won’t be safe. While lockdown continues the guys look for hope in their heroes whilst enjoying the gift of home baking.

Short Attention Span Theatre

With Lockdown still in place new material for the Theatre can be found here thanks too Short Attention Span theatre.

Six monologues written by Leanne Cameron, Tom Murray, Diane Stewart, GR Greer, Elaine Malcolmson and Arron Greechan. The actors will include Kat Harrison, Mark McMinn, Rachel Flynn, Gillian Massey, Mick Cullen and Eddy MacKenzie. Directed by Karen Barclay, Max Chase, Mairi Davidson and Daniel Gee Husson.

Follow the link – Online Show – May

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Season 3 Ep.3 Repeat

Is today like yesterday and the day before that? It feels like it. With that in mind the Buzzword looks to the past and plucks two thes-pains out of lockdown to speak about today. It’s a puzzling podcast of school days, politics, Patrick Stewart and heresy. With so much waiting there is plenty to be said….

This House, National Theatre Live

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Season 3 Ep.2 Resolve

Another week of waiting. With so much time The Buzzword looks for wisdom in writing that killer script. With help from returning guest Thomas Gemmell we scratch that itch we’ve all been feeling. Topping it off by causing controversy, throwing caution to the wind and blowing open Bond in a moment of solace!

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Season 3 Ep.1 Lockdown

The Buzzword · Season 3 Ep.1 Lockdown

The Buzzword podcast is back for another round of chat, but under lockdown and split far apart it’s up to the guys to break out the dusty webcams and connect via the marvels of the web. A new age of podcasting for the Buzzword away from their usual comforts of coffee, pizza and close proximity. There’s talk of plays lost to the ether, the national theatre going live and something about a duck. It’s a Brave new World.

Season 2 Ep.11 Monologues

On a cold winters night a few scrawny actors huddle together to do the talk on talking. With only the heat of some coffee and pizza the team hold it together to dissect the unknown wonder that is a monologue. With so much to say and very little of it scripted the guys look to the past and what has been said before. Frome the prose of Shakespeare to Mamet’s masterpiece the team bounce around from one speech to the next forgetting to breathe or stop for a dramatic pause. It’s the last podcast before 2020 but the Buzzword will return with more to say, more to debate and more of the unknown.

Gagarin Way – Bookends Theatre Group

Frustrated by the inequities of the workplace and society at large, factory workers Eddie and Gary take matters into their own hands and abduct a member of senior management with the intention of using him to make the ultimate political statement. Events begin to unravel though when their plot is discovered and the victim turns out not to be who or what they expected.

Gagarin Way made its explosive debut in 2001 at the Traverse in Edinburgh and shines a light on many harsh realities of Scottish life exploring themes such as radical politics, violence, socialism, mental health and global economics.

From Gregory Burke, writer of the critically acclaimed and multi award-winning Black Watch.

Thursday 10 – Saturday 12 October 2019 / 8.00pm

£12.50 / £10.50